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Hi, I’m NRG. My aim is to provide you with accurate movie reviews. From the best Hollywood Blockbusters, to the worst I sit through them so that you don’t have to. From action movies to romantic comedies, I will watch them all and give you the honest review about each movie. I’m just one man trying to do my best to give you the truth about movies. If you’re sick and tired of being disappointed after seeing an overhyped movie, then NRG’s movie review is the best place for you. For accurate movie reviews for all the upcoming movies and all the classics, I’m just a click away.

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I have just started writing reviews now so it might take some time to include all the movies I’ve watched and will watch… so please be patient, don’t worry I won’t let you down. If you like my reviews like them on face book, tweet about them and plus one them in Google plus.  And subscribe to my blog ;)
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