The Age of Adaline (2015)

Another movie that I have mixed emotions for; on one hand its shot in beautiful San Francisco and is a sweet story on the other hand it gets weird with dating father and son. Cinematography was amazing, captured San Francisco in all its beauty, just brilliant stuff. Loved the casting, great choice, pretty much everything was nice expect for the story. Apart from the weird father and son incident, they try to explain why Adaline (Blake Lively) doesn’t age, they try their best to be smart/funny, why? The fuck are you trying to do? Say that she doesn’t age and shut the fuck up, we don’t care! What would someone do if they didn’t age a single day was the interesting part about the story, especially Adaline, someone as sweet and kind as her stuck in time, punished to see everything she loves wither away with time except for her

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