Magnum Force (1973)

This movie picks up more or less where the first movie leaves off, Harry (Clint Eastwood) is put on stakeout for his behavior in the first movie, not that you have to watch the first movie to know what's going on but if you haven't, you should watch it! The movie starts out with a mobster driving away from court and an angry mob after being acquitted on a technicality.
On the way he is being stopped by an SFPD motorcycle cop for a minor traffic violation. Suddenly the cop pulls out his gun and shoots everyone inside the car. An investigation is set up to find out who is behind the killing, what seemed to be a random killing turns out to be a hit on every mobster and low life in town. SFPD thinks it's a gang war but Harry thinks it's someone taking vigilante justice. Now, Harry's career and life is on the line as he tries to figure out who is doing the killings. This movie is very similar to the first movie, in the beginning there is a hijack scene which is very similar to the bank robbery scene in the first one, and a kill or be killed ending. As a movie it's pretty similar in style to the first one but as a sequel it explores Harry's psyche, in a way the killer in this movie and Harry are very similar, both want the scum of society off the streets and are willing to do anything for it. But unlike the killer who is willing to kill a few innocent people for the "greater good", Harry is not willing to compromise. I guess as a series this movie explores that aspect of Harry. If you're a fan of the first one then watch this movie, if not, flip a coin.

If you liked the first one, then give this one a watch.

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 6/10

Directed by
Written by
John Milius
Music by
Lalo Schifrin
Frank Stanley
Editing by
Ferris Webster
Running time
2 hour 4 minutes


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