Rocky (1976)

A man guided by his dream and fueled by hope, Rocky a name that will fill hearts with hopes and dreams for a very long time. The movie revolves around Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) an uneducated, kind hearted man, who’s only skill is fighting. Rocky soon uses this skill to become a small time boxes and pays his bills by collecting debts for a loan shark, Anthony Gazzo (Joe Spinell).
Unfortunately for Rocky, he’s a thug by nature and not boxer, even though he can sting like a bee, he couldn’t fly like a butterfly, and this causes some fluctuation with his trainer Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith). Rocky at the lowest in his life still clings on to hope, and lives off that promise that one day he will become somebody. And when the number one contender for the The World Heavyweight Championship bout, with undefeated heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) drops out because of an injured hand, Creed comes up with the idea of giving a local underdog a shot at the title, and because he likes Rocky's nickname "The Italian Stallion," he selects Rocky as the number one contender. Finally, things start to look up for Rocky, the opportunity that he waited for has come, the only question is, will he capitalize on it? On a sidetrack to this story is the beautiful love story between Rocky and Adrian (Talia Shire), Rocky's good friend Paulie’s (Burt Young) sister. The relationship between Rocky and Adrian is truly inspiring. The way their love is shown, is again beautiful, and how this story is interviewed into the main plot, makes this movie one of the best. I guess, Stallone and Rocky have a lot in common, Stallone despite the lower left side of his face being paralyzed, shows some beautiful acting that draws some tears. Sometimes life stacks the odds against us, but we have to remember that life sucks, and we have to keep moving forward with that hope that tomorrow will be better than today, despite all the odds. A beautiful story about defying odds and rising up to the challenge. 

“yo Adrian, I did it!”

Watch Meter: Must See Movie

My rating is 9/10

Directed by
John G. Avildsen
Written by
Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone
Talia Shire
Burt Young
Carl Weathers
Burgess Meredith
Music by
Bill Conti
Cinematography by
James Crabe
Editing by
Richard Halsey
Scott Conrad
Running time
1 hour 59 minutes

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