Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012)

You’re probably thinking how much can they squeeze out of a franchise, and your right but still the movie has its moments. The scenes with Sid (John Leguizamo) and his granny (Wanda Sykes) are something to look forward to. The story is the same old stuff, a pinch of Pirates of The Caribbean here and a pinch of crazy there and you get the basic story;
It all starts with the continental drift, which separated the supercontinent into the smaller continents. But what happens over a period of millions of years happens in a few seconds here in Blue Sky world. Manny (Ray Romano), Sid and Diego (Denis Leary) are separated form Ellie (Queen Latifah), Peaches (Keke Palmer) and the rest of the bunch. Now, the Ice Age trio tries to get back to the others on a floating piece of ice, where they encounter some pirates and bla, bla, bla! Story isn’t the strong suit of this movie, if the story is the reason you’re going for this movie, bad idea. As usual Sid is always a treat see on screen. And last but not least Scrat (Chris Wedge) the root cause of everything that goes wrong in Ice Age world is fun to see as well. Overall a nice movie which you can sit through and have some fun in the process.

"Two sloths, a mammoth and a sabertooth? You sound like the start of a bad joke."

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 6/10

Directed by
Steve Martino
Mike Thurmeier
Written by
Michael Berg
Jason Fuchs
Mike Reiss
Ray Romano
John Leguizamo
Denis Leary
Wanda Sykes
Queen Latifah
Seann William Scott
Josh Peck
Chris Wedge
Peter Dinklage
Heather Morris
Nicki Minaj
Keke Palmer
Jennifer Lopez
Music by
John Powell
Renato Falcão
Editing by
James Palumbo
David Ian Salter
Running time
1 hour 34 minutes
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