Battleship (2012)

“Battleship”, when you hear that name, your mind goes “Interesting…” I guess “interesting” is an apt word for this movie. The movie starts out in 2005, when NASA is sending out a powerful signal to space hoping that far advanced alien species will get the signal and find its way to earth. Is it just me or does that sound stupid?
Come on, it’s like cutting your leg and putting it into the ocean in hopes of seeing a great white! Well, it’s an action movie, so the logic shouldn’t be questioned. You just wait for that shit to get over and finally see what you’ve paid to see, some action! That’s the mind set people usually have while going for an “action” movie. On saying that, the most irritating part about the movie is the unnecessary branching out of the story. They’ve tried to add some humor to the whole story. I’ll be honest with you, I did laugh a bit, but it kind of felt out of place. They show the life of Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch), the hero of this story – how he turns from being an irresponsible teenager, and becomes the guy who saved the earth. Not really a role model – he kind of encourages people to be irresponsible. I really don’t understand this concept of attracting people. It’s like saying “Hey, Bill Gates dropped out of college, so I’m dropping out too”. Bill Gates quit college because it was interrupting his work with building Microsoft, which people sufficiently tend to hide. The messed up part about this is the guy who thinks NATO is the resident drug dealer will use this reference and walk out of class.  Anyways, you have Liam Neeson as COMPACFLT Admiral Shane, Rihanna as somebody and Brooklyn Decker as Samantha Shane. There’s nothing to look forward to in this movie, except for the finale. The finale is awesome, not story wise, but action wise. Finally the word ‘action’ used to describe the genre of this movie is revealed. The final action sequence is breathtaking and very unique – we’ve seen dirt bike taking on a copter, a car taking on a copter, and even a man taking on a fighter jet – but an aircraft carrier taking on a huge alien ship is kind of unique.

Take some popcorn to get through the show and enjoy the finale!

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 5/10

Directed by
Peter Berg
Written by
Erich Hoeber
Jon Hoeber
Taylor Kitsch
Liam Neeson
Alexander Skarsgård
Brooklyn Decker
Music by
Steve Jablonsky[
Tobias A. Schliessler
Editing by
Colby Parker Jr.
Billy Rich
Paul Rubell
Running time
2 hour 11 minutes
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