Wrath Of The Titans (2012)

“Wrath of the Titans” the title itself says a lot about the movie. When you hear the title, your mind goes to action, destruction and violence. And that’s exactly what you get from this movie, a combination of action, adventure backed by an average story and some good visual effects. It’s one of those movies that you can watch on a weekday after a tiring day of work and feel energetic when you walk out of the theater.
The story is pretty decent and you don’t really have to watch the first part to understand this one. Just in case you missed the first part here is a briefing about the movie. Perseus (Sam Worthington), the demigod son of Zeus (Liam Neeson) saves the world by killing the Kraken. On seeing his bravery Zeus offers him a place in Olympia but Perseus declines Zeus’s offer and lives as a mortal man. Now to our story, 10 years after the incident Perseus lives as a fisherman with his 10-year-old son, Heleus. And one night he is visited by his father Zeus to help him prevent the Titans from being released. Unfortunately for Zeus, Perseus refuses to accompany him. Zeus accompanied by his brother Poseidon (Danny Huston), and his son Ares (Edgar Ramirez) sets off to Tartarus to meet with his brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes). Zeus is betrayed by his son Ares and his brother Hades and is held captive in Tartarus. Now Perseus tries to save his father Zeus and at the same time tries to prevent the Titans from escaping Tartarus. There are a lot of things happening in this movie which kind of keeps you focused on the screen. Overall it’s a nice movie to enjoy with your friends.

Action packed and fun.

Watch Meter: Must See Movie

My rating is 6/10

Directed by        
Jonathan Liebesman
Written by
Dan Mazeau (Screenplay)
David Leslie Johnson (Screenplay)           
Greg Berlanti (Story)
David Leslie Johnson (Story)
Dan Mazeau (Story)
Sam Worthington
Rosamund Pike
Bill Nighy
Édgar Ramírez
Toby Kebbell
Danny Huston
Ralph Fiennes
Liam Neeson
Music by
Javier Navarrete
Ben Davis
Editing by
Martin Walsh
Running time
1 hours 39 minutes
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