Contraband (2012)

What you see is what you get, should have been the tagline for this movie because when you see the trailer you get a certain idea on how the movie will be and you won’t be disappointed. The story is ok, towards the second half it gets pretty predictable, ah who am I kidding the entire storyline is predictable.
What’s nice about this movie is that when you get bored and say “I knew that would happen” they throw in a chase scene or an action scene and get you pumped up. Now here’s the story. Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) is an ex-smuggler who has started a new life with his wife Kate Farraday (Kate Beckinsale) (of all the names available they had to choose Kate, you lazy a** sons of b**ches), but unfortunately for him his halfwit brother-in-law Andy (Caleb Landry Jones) screws up big time with a local thug Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), now he’s got to pay. Personally, I would have watched him fry but Chris Farraday being the nice guy that he is tries to help his dips**t brother-in-law and finds himself in the s**t hole. Now Chris Farraday tries to get him and his family out the s**tter by doing one last job. This is the basic story, it's interesting and here’s a game you can play while watching the movie, try to count the number of things they smuggle and how they smuggle it. There are some funny scenes in the movie, the funniest part for me was Giovanni Ribisi, it’s hard picturing him as a lowlife thug, lowlife? maybe, thug? not really. You don’t know whether to laugh or be scared when he comes on screen. Kate Beckinsale gives new meaning to the work "eye candy". Other than that the movie is average, just your average action movie that you can watch with some friends have a few laughs and have a good time.

Here are some tips for smuggling some goods on your next vacation.

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 6/10

Directed by
Baltasar Kormákur
Written by
Aaron Guzikowski (Screenplay)
Arnaldur Indriðason (Story)
Óskar Jónasson (Story)
Mark Wahlberg
Kate Beckinsale
Giovanni Ribisi
Ben Foster
Music by
Clinton Shorter
Barry Ackroyd
Editing by
Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir
Running time
1 hour 50 minutes


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