Chronicle (2012)

WOW! After a long time a good movie, one of those movies that you sit after the last scene, just before the credits and hope that the movie isn't over. A different story yet feels so familiar, the way it was taken was also unique “No matter what you’re doing you’re always being recorded” is the motto of the cinematography.
The story is pretty simple three high school kids get superpowers and the whole length of the movie shows how they use it, pretty simple right? But the way its show is what makes this movie different. The movie shows us that we’re not Superman, we don’t help people when we get superpowers, h*ll we’ll kill a whole bunch of them and declare ourselves the ruler of the world. The transition of how their thought process changes are shown really beautifully. Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) is the lead character in this movie, a shy high school kid who likes nothing more than to be left alone, Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) is Andrew’s cousin and probably his only friend and last but not least Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) is a popular kid and a friend of Matt (also running for school president… “Don’t forget vote for Steve”) these three stumble on something out of this world at a friend’s party, now they don’t actually show how they got the powers but they do, and how they use it in the beginning is nice, and soon along with their powers their attitude on how to use it also change, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi “you were the chosen one!!!” I guess the one bad thing about the movie is that it’s too short, the ending kind of creeps up on you. This is one movie you just can’t miss!

What would you do if you have the power to do anything

Watch Meter: Must See Movie

My rating is 8/10

Directed by
Asger Leth
Written by
Max Landis (Screenplay and Story)
Josh Trank (Story)
Dane DeHaan
Alex Russell
Michael B. Jordan
Michael Kelly
Ashley Hinshaw
Matthew Jensen
Editing by
Elliot Greenberg
Running time
1 hour 24 minutes

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