Coriolanus (2011)

Coriolanus, the movie is based on a play written by Shakespeare called ‘Coriolanus’ which was based on a legendary roman war hero ‘Caius Marcius Coriolanus’. This movie is a modern day recreation of the play, when I say that it’s a ‘modern day recreation’ your mind probably goes to ‘a classic tale remade to suit the present audience’ well, not really.
The dialogues are the same, it’s in that old Shakespearian way of speaking which was between 1605 and 1608 when he actually wrote the play, see my reviews are a bit educational too :D Now it was good back then but when you take a movie about a play written some 400 years ago you don’t copy it act by act, you try to modify it to the fit the present audience or you place the story 400 years back and not present day. That is the movies biggest downfall, for example the conversation between the mother and Coriolanus is pretty weird, apparently in those days when a son came from battle injured the mother was proud, now a days if you go home with a scrape on your knee, your mom gives you a lecture on road safety. I hope you guys get what I’m trying to say, there’s a huge cultural gap, at least if the movie was portrayed in the 5th century BC when Coriolanus was alive again educational, it would have made sense but no, it was portrayed in modern times. I think the guys who made the movie flipped a coin to see if they wanted to make the movie as an historic or a modern one, and the coil just fell on its edges, neither here nor there. I really don’t know why critics love the movie so much, that’s why you should read my blog :D On a personal note don’t get fooled by the trailer there is only one war scene and it’s 5 minutes long and it get over within the first 15 minutes of the movie. The entire movie is about how Caius Marcius Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes) a war hero and a patriot is convinced by his mother to become a consul but thanks to the scum’s that call themselves politicians that dream is shattered and get this, Caius Marcius is exiled from the very soil he fought to protect. Now Coriolanus aka Caius Marcius joins his enemy Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler) to take revenge on his city. Now, this plot build up is awesome it really is but unfortunately this is about 75% of the movie, they don’t even show how he gets his revenge on his city, they just show him sitting in a chair, the f**k does that supposed to mean? There is no war scene when you really need a war scene because that is where the movie was really getting boring and people were getting really sleepy by ‘people’ I mean me, so I was expecting a battle scene to wake up the people who paid to watch the movie! But there was no gripping scene after that and the way Coriolanus changes his mind and declares peace is laughable, I’m serious, people in the theater were actually ridiculing the last scene, by ‘people’ I mean me and my buddy. Anyway the movie is boring to say the least but Ralph Fiennes’s acting is really really good, shows you how underused he was in harry potter. Till now you probably think the movie s**ks but not really, the first half is pretty good,  that kind of gets your expectation high for the second part but unfortunately the second part doesn’t deliver. If you’re a Ralph Fiennes fan then you should definitely watch this movie. 

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My rating is 4/10

Directed by        
Ralph Fiennes
Written by
John Logan
Ralph Fiennes
Gerard Butler
Vanessa Redgrave
Brian Cox
Jessica Chastain
Paul Jesson
Music by
Ilan Eshkeri
Barry Ackroyd
Editing by
Nicolas Gaster
Running time
2 hours 3 minutes


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