Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (2011)

Probably the best movie in the Mission Impossible series. The story is the same old stuff betrayal, revenge and redemption but! The action is unbelievable, Oh my God some of the action scenes are just so brilliant. When I heard Brad Bird was directing, I was a bit skeptical, I mean the guy has done some amazing action scenes in some animation movies (like The Incredibles)
but could he bring that to the real world, was my biggest concern, and he didn’t disappoint. Have to give it up to the cast and the stunt crew for making his vision come alive. The Story is average, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is called for a very important mission, they find out that they were too late and their actions put US and Russia in a very critical situation, and throughout the rest of the movie they try to stop a nuclear extremist from starting world war 4. Simon Pegg plays Benji, who gives the flavor of comedy to the movie. The best part about the movie is that you don’t actually have to see the first three to understand this one but it would help if you saw the third one. None the less, this movie has so much of action and so many beautiful stunts which makes this movie the best Mission Impossible yet.

"Mission accomplished!"

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My rating is 7/10

Directed by
Brad Bird
Written by
André Nemec Josh Appelbaum
Tom Cruise Jeremy Renner Simon Pegg Paula Patton Anil Kapoor
Music by
Michael Giacchino
Robert Elswit
Editing by
Paul Hirsch
Running time
2 hour 12 minutes


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