The Son Of No One (2011)

The first few minutes of the movie are intense!!! This kind of gets you hooked into the movie… throughout the movie you wonder what’s going on as the past and the present are shown simultaneously. The movie revolves around how childhood friends Jonathan 'Milk' White played by Channing Tatum, Vincent Carter played by Tracy Morgan and the secret they share… now after 16 years their past comes back to haunt them. Throughout the movie White tries to figure out who is trying to bring back his shady past to light and why?
 Al Pacino plays Charles Stanford a Detective who helped White in his darkest days and Katie Holmes plays Kerry White his present wife. The mystery person threatens White by sending letters to the local newspaper and random phone calls to him and his wife. Near the end of the movie White finds out who has been calling him and threatening him… which comes as a surprise but now White has to make a life altering decision… whether to be a good family man or a good friend. The last 20 minutes of the movie are exiting and the ending is also nice. Personally I like the movie, it’s thrilling and a little emotional… shows you the extent people go to hide the truth. Now I haven’t read the book… so I can’t really compare. But if you haven’t read the book you’ll like this movie. This movie asks the question “what does it really take to for a man to be… free”

This is not a movie to watch for fun… it’s a serious movie that requires you to ‘Want to Watch It’. Yes it’s a WTWI movie.

Watch Meter: Must See Movie

My rating 7/10

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