Killing Bono (2011)

Well… we all have heard about the story about a bands rice to fame… this movie tells the story of a band that didn’t quite make it. It’s a very different movie form your normal one… I frankly liked it. It tells the story of Neil McCormick (Ben Barnes) and his brother Ivan McCormick (Robert Sheehan), and their attempt at becoming rock stars. The movie is based on Neil McCormick’s memoir “Killing Bono: I Was Bono's Doppelganger”, Neil McCormick was the classmate of Paul David Hewson… who the world know as Bono (Martin McCann) the lead singer of U2. The whole story is based on true events…
The story tells us about the rivalry between Neil McCormick and Bono and how each of them dreamed of becoming rock stars… but unfortunately only Bono’s dreams came true. The movie shows us how Neil McCormick tries to become the best and rise up from the shadow of Bono… but thanks to some seriously bad decisions, he doesn’t quite make it. The movie shows the struggle of Neil McCormick in a funny point of view… but also tell us that not everyone make it. The movie rides on the gilt of Neil McCormick who secretly prevented his brother Ivan McCormick form being in the band U2… because of this Neil tries to do everything he could to make him and his brother bigger than Bono… but falls short. It’s nice to see this movie… a movie about friendship, pride and guilt.

Two kids from Dublin Ireland tried to make it big in 1976, but only one succeeded… we all know who that is, let’s know something about the other guy.

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My rating is 7/10

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