Drive (2011)

A stunt driver with a very unusual hobby… I know that doesn’t sound that interesting, but this movie is!! Ryan Gosling plays the “Drive” whose name isn’t reveled in the movie… he works as a mechanic who as a part time job does stunt driving for movies and  he also does getaway jobs for criminals, That’s right he does “jobs” for criminals… the “job” is… he gets them to safety, in short a getaway driver and that’s it. The first 15 minutes of the movie is pure genius. Then about half of the movie is about how the Drive falls in love with his married neighbor Irene played by Carey Mulligan…
the situation is complicated, her husband is in prison, it gets even more complicated  when he gets released. After the first half it’s pure action… some killing scenes are a bit nasty! So get ready for that. I guess what makes this movie interesting to watch is the mysteriousness that surrounds the Driver, the movie gives no idea about his past or who he is or what he’s capable of… as the movie progresses on you’ll learn that… looks can be deceiving. But the ending is like any other action move, it’s predictable… no real suspense or twists at the end, which is kind of a letdown. The story is actually well built and shows us how things can go sour in a heartbeat… only the ending was a bit ordinary, other than that… the movie was a great.

A movie to watch with your friends…

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My rating is 6/10

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