The Adventures Of Tintin (2011)

Generally we expect some maturity when a comic book series (or an animated series) hits the big screen but in the case of ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ there was none. It was like watching the animated series I enjoyed as a kid and although it brings back some great memories of my childhood it also reminded me that I wasn’t a kid anymore! The visuals were awesome but very PG13.
There was a lot of argument about the sexual orientation of the character, whether he was gay or straight, if you ask me, why bother? who cares about his sexual orientation? he's Tintin! the reporter/adventurer. The story is pretty simple, Tintin buys a model of a ship, the Unicorn and when he accidentally breaks it he finds a clue, everything changes, now Tintin sets off to find the treasure that the Unicorn was carrying. Overall the movie was OK, that’s it. Only kids will truly be able enjoy this movie while adults are just left puzzled with the thought “is Tintin gay? If he is, then what about Captain Haddock?”. Frankly, I was disappointed with the movie, on one hand you have Christopher Nolan who has revolutionized the way we see Batman, and you would expect Steven Spielberg to do the same, but he didn't. After the movie I was left with the unresolved questions, why are big time Hollywood directors intended on attracting kids

You can watch this movie once.

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 6/10

Directed by
Steven Spielberg
Written by
Steven Moffat 
Edgar Wright 
Joe Cornish
Jamie Bell 
Andy Serkis 
Daniel Craig 
Nick Frost 
Simon Pegg 
Daniel Mays 
Mackenzie Crook 
Toby Jones 
Gad Elmaleh
Music by
John Williams
Janusz Kamiński
Editing by
Michael Kahn
Running time
1 hour 47 minutes


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