Trespass (2011)

Another home invasion movie… unlike the others in this one there’s no unnecessary bloodshed. The battle between the home invaders and the home owners are more psychological that physical, a very complicated hostage situation… the complexity of which is relieved throughout the course of the movie. The movie consists of seven main people including the home owners and the invader… each of them having their own problem. The movie throws suspension on everybody which is kind of nice…
 and reviles the truth at the end… the movie is a bit messed up towards the end, other than that the movie is ok. There have been a lot of movies of this genre… to surpass its predecessors this movie had to prove a lot, unfortunately it cracks under pressure. But nevertheless this movie is watchable… Nicolas Cage plays Kyle Miller and Nicole Kidman plays Sarah Miller, the husband and wife whose family is held hostage. The movie is filled with twists and turns and there are flash backs throughout the movie which appears a bit amateurish and… kid of irritating. Trust no one is the motto of this move…

Too much time in your hands…? Have nothing to do? Then watch this movie.

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 5/10

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