Real Steel (2011)

The concept of robot boxing… is a bit farfetched in itself, to top it off in the first 15 minutes of the movie there is a fight between a bull and a robot… really? The movie has every clichĂ© in the book… from the has-been boxer, to the sentimental robot…. Oh my God! It’s sad to see movies like this get a lot of popularity. To be honest I think it’s because of Steven Spielberg, people hear his name associated with the movie and they go nuts…
 the guy is only the executive producer! He had nothing to do with the story or direction. The background music in the movie is good and so is the graphics other than that nothing… literally nothing. If you are a fan of good films… you won’t like this movie, plain and simple. There’s a reason why robot boxers can never replace human boxers, unlike robots we have the will, heart and the desire to win and be the best… in robots, the one with the best configuration wins. The movie is about how a former boxer Charlie Kenton played by Hugh Jackman coaches his son and his ‘underdog’ robot to victory. The crazy part about the movie is that Charlie Kenton is a below average boxer… but suddenly he’s the world’s greatest coach… my god could this movie get more corny? Actually… yes. The only thing I liked about the movie is the relationship between Charlie Kenton and his son and how they work on it… which is about 20 minutes of the entire movie. But it is a great movie for kids, they will love it. Oh and if you’re an adult and you love this movie… have you seen Rocky?

If you’re taking a kid to this movie then ok… watch it. Otherwise don’t.

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 4/10

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