Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

Just when you think… there’ll be no more sequels… Paranormal Activity 3! That’s right 3! Hits the screen… It’s a mystery how the first movie became a success, they should rename the movie to Paranormal Voyeurs… apparently that’s what the ghosts and the audience is doing… watching people sleep! For majority of the movie. This one takes us to the beginning… how the ghost haunted Katie and Kristi when they were kids. This movie is the same as the previous two, same old cheap scares and a lot of video with people doing nothing.
 Nothing like this has ever happened to me and if it does the first thing I’ll do is move!!! If I was haunted by a ghost and I was videotaping the entire haunting… in the video you will see me move out of my house in the first 5 minutes. Why don’t people do that? Plain and simple… get the h*** out of the d*** house… what do you want a signed note!!! I guess with Katie and Kristi stupidity runs in the family. The only thing I was afraid of when I was watching the movie… was the fear of falling asleep.

I had to watch this movie… but you don’t. If you’re a fan of the previous two I guess you can sit through this one too…

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My rating is 4/10

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