Johnny English Reborn (2011)

It’s not like anyone expected a sequel to Jonny English…. But it’s good to see Rowan Atkinson on screen. As usual Rowan Atkinson brings his unique way of laughter to the screen but this doesn’t do much for the movie. The story is clichéd and predictable, not much to look forward to… at all! There are a few scenes which are a bit funny but… that’s it. The story has nothing great about it… the movie could have been made funnier. Rowan Atkinson does his best…
 but there’s nothing else he could do. Rowan Atkinson is a great comedy actor and this movie destroys his reputation a lot. It’s hard seeing him do this sort of movie, this guy could make an uninteresting activity like going to the dentist into a very funny scene… but in this movie his funny scenes are overshadowed by the uninteresting plot… the story is slow moving and gets really boring after a while. It’s sad to see Rowan Atkinson go down like this.

This is a TMI movie, a movie you watch if you have Too Much Time!!!

Watch Meter: Too Much Time

My rating is 5/10

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