Insomnia (2002)

Directed by Christopher Nolan... The cast consists of Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank great job by all of them. The movie revolves around Will Dormer played by Al Pacino and Walter Finch played by Robin Williams. This movie is a psychological thriller… about how Will Dormer a detective who tries to capture Walter Finch who murdered a local teen girl, everything goes wrong when Will Dormer accidently kills his partner… don’t worry this happens within the first 10 minutes, not a spoiler. Everyone thinks that Walter Finch killed the partner but only Walter and Will Know the truth. The whole movie is about how Will Dormer deals with the fact that he had killed his partner and blamed it
on somebody else, screenplay is amazing… in some scenes you can actually feel the psychological torture felt by Will Dormer… not a lot of movies does that and that’s why I love this movie. The entire movie is taken in Alaska it’s filled with beautiful sceneries. Al Pacino and Robin Williams make a great team, they are brilliant onscreen. And the last words said in the movie by Will Dormer are touching… to say the least.

Please watch this movie… this movie will make you realize that it's not all about blood and violence when it comes to a catching a murderer...

My rating is 9/10

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