Dial M For Murder (1954)

This movie gives the definition of the word ‘thriller’. Some movies can be watched no matter which year they are taken in and this is definitely one of them. Alfred Hitchcock a true genius, throughout the movie has you are hooked.  Ray Milland is awesome in this movie he plays Tony Wendice…  throughout the movie Tony Wendice tries to get rid of his wife to inherit her fortune. I guess that’s every man’s dream to marry a rich young woman, kill her without any evidence and then inherit her money.
The movie takes an unusual twist when his first attempt on his wife’s life goes horribly wrong, but it’s how he comes back, is awesome. Tony Wendice is a man with a plan, a brilliant performance by Ray Milland. The movie is a nail biter till the end and the ending is mind blowing… it’s literally like putting a shot gun to your head and pulling the trigger, now… I can’t really assure you that, the guy who tried that out couldn’t really speak that much afterwards… I’m guessing it’s the same.

A timeless classic and one heck of a thriller, definitely watch this one.

Watch Meter: Must See Movie

My rating 8/10

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