Bowfinger (1999)

A movie about making a movie, but not just any movie, oh no… Steve Martin plays Robert K. Bowfinger an unknown producer who dreams of making it big, he has the script but he doesn’t have the lead character, so he decides to shoot the movie around him without his knowledge. Eddie Murphy plays Kit Ramsey a rising star, when offered the lead in Bowfinger’s new movie he rejects it, so the movie is shot around him secretly but Kit Ramsey has some physiological problem so he actually starts to live the movie, this put together with Bowfinger’s cynical portrayal of modern movie making, produces a lot of laughs. The movie is really funny and also a motivating one for
all those wannabe movie makers, it shows that with a little bit of determination, a lot of deception and a truck load of luck you can make a movie.

Watch this movie and have a couple of laughs.

My rating is 7/10

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