Awakenings (1990)

A beautiful movie about a true story, Robin Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer a kind hearted doctor who tries to cure an encephalitis epidemic and give the affected patients a new life. Robin Williams gives a touching performance… Robert De Niro plays Leonard Lowe one of Dr Sayers’ patients, Robert De Niro give one hundred percent. In this movie Dr Sayer cures Leonard Lowe’s disease which had left him paralyzed for many years and ‘awakens’ him from his dormant state. The first half of the movie is filled with hope, faith and love, about how Leonard Lowe comes to the real world, it’s almost like a dream but like any dream you wake up and
face reality. The second half of the movie shows us the pain and suffering associated with the real world and sometimes dreams are short lived. The movie shows us how we take things we do in our day to day life for granted and how we can never know the value of something until it’s been taken away from us.

Definitely watch this movie and be amazed at the miracle that took place in the summer of 69.

My rating is 8/10

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