Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery (1997)

Yeah baby… Funny as they come, Mike Myers landmark movie. Mike Myers plays Austin powers a spy from the 60’s frozen in time awaiting the return of his nemesis Dr. Evil who is also played by Myers. The setting for the movie itself is funny... a hippy spy tries to adjust to the 90’s and a villain who is just plain outdated. The father son relationship between Dr. Evil and Scott Evil played by Seth Green is humorous. Dr. Evil’s character is very funny and his unorthodox ways to take over the world tickles your funny bone. It’s kind of a spoof of all the spy movies ever made, with your hero with all the girls, guns and cars and your typical evil genius with his
unnecessarily elaborate plan to take over the world. This movie has that spoof feel to it but with a bit of Mike Myers’ special something.

This movie is great to watch with pals.

My rating is 7/10

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