Attack The Block (2011)

This is a really nice movie. The movie is about a group of kids running around their block fighting aliens. What’s not to like about that? It has everything! aliens, guns, and marijuana :D What more do you want from a movie? It’s a movie you watch with your friends and just have a ton of laughs, there is no unnecessary investigating of how the aliens came to earth, just a bunch of teenagers running from a bunch of scary looking aliens.
It has a little bit of comedy, a little bit of action and a little suspense. If you think about the movie in a deep sense, more than just a bunch of teenagers running around fighting aliens, its how these kids know their block so well and care about it so deeply that they fight these huge aliens. Personally, I would have changed my zip code. The story is pretty straightforward, a teen gang in south London discover an alien landing during their usual stroll. Now, as the aliens keep on coming the gang takes matters into their own hands and starts killing the aliens one by one. This is one of those movies you should definitely watch. It’s a great pastime and when the movie is over you’ll say “uh… that was good”. It’s a good movie, if you haven’t watched it, watch it!

"This is too much madness to explain in one text!"

Watch Meter: Must See Movie

My rating is 8/10

Directed by
Joe Cornish
Written by
Joe Cornish
Jodie Whittaker John Boyega Alex Esmail Franz Drameh Leeon Jones Simon Howard Luke Treadaway Jumayn Hunter Nick Frost
Music by
Basement Jaxx Steven Price
Tom Townend
Editing by
Jonathan Amos
Running time
1 hour 28 minutes


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