Accepted (2006)

A great ‘pick me up’ movie… how many time have you been rejected by a school, well these guys have the answer for it ‘South Harmon Institute of Technology’. Justin Long plays Bartleby Gaines who is a slacker… like most of us. And sadly he doesn’t get into any school after high school, so to escape the social awkwardness and to please his dad he creates a school with the help of his friend and all hell breaks loose. The idea is kind of silly… but if you’re like me and kind of a social reject, I guess it’s nice to dream. And that’s why this movie is nice, it brings your spirit up and gives you that all needed hope. The characters in this movie are great and weird in their own unique way… this
is what lights up the movie, if you ask me. Oh, and remember it’s never too late to be a member of the South Harmon Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T).

So if you’re down in life, watch this movie. It will definitely bring some cheer.

My rating is 6/10

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